H. Rick Bamman has photographed presidents, astronauts, rock stars, illusionists, sports heroes, celebrities, disaster aftermath, a Pope and everyday heroes.

He is known for his unique sense of humor, placing his subjects at ease, he is widely recognized for his curious feature and nature photography, entertainment photography, sports action and photojournalistic stories. His work has appeared in the International Herald Tribune, STERN, New York Times, New York Post, Chicago Tribune and Sun-Times, Chicago Magazine, eBay Magazine, Magic Magazine and hyperlocal publications throughout the Midwest.

Some of his clients include The Chicago Tribune, The Associated Press, Northwestern Heath System, The International Association of Firefighters, Chicago Police Lodge 7 Magazine and Zuma Press. 

Over the past 50 years he has amassed one of the world’s largest photographic collections of performing magicians.

He is available for assignments in Illinois and beyond.  hrick@hrickbamman.com, 630-890-4636